Excited to be Back from my Vacation!

Jessy Elite


I hope you are absolutely doing great in the remaining summer days. Things are wonderful here with me in this busy summer traveling schedules with fascinating and adventurous people, exploring new territory of fantasies. In coming posts, as I have finally decided to explore my age-old passion for writing, you will have a picture of me as an extremely passionate and open minded lady who loves trying out new things and meeting new and exciting people.
Now that I have started writing my personal experience of the long exploratory journey; I will definitely come by to revise you with what’s going on in my extraordinary life. This year has been and is scheduled to be highly eventful. I am traveling several places in Europe that include Paris, Cannes/Monaco, London, Geneva and Asia, especially Singapore and Honk Hong, are also in my mind. Currently, I am enjoying my busy schedule in Dubai, attending business conferences and meeting some amazing people.
Stay in touch for further updates. Love 🙂

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